Sunday, September 16, 2012

Party Party Party!!

Saturday night at Bi Encounters was a party and a half! Kain was rockin' the place with some serious party tunes and Tequila kept everyone hopping as hostess.
Annnnd as usual with any party at Bi E, the clothes got dropped by the wayside before too much time went by! Kain's doing it again Sunday night too at Bi E at 6 slt. So drop by, drop your cares and drop your clothes and party tonight with us!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Been Away Toooo Long

I've been so busy in SL lately I've neglected my blog! We moved Bi Encounters, I did a bunch of building, made lots of new clothes, o and I found Cocky!!
He's a dream, and it doesn't hurt that he's hung like a horse!
And my friend Candy has started a new blog too! Seems almost all the blogs for SL porn are either by or about us girls. Well, Candy came up with a fresh idea! We're doing a blog on the hottest studs in SL - Alpha Male! (Oh and my baby is one of the first to be featured :) There's the link!! Check it out ladies! And if you got any nominations, get in touch with me inworld!!