Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to my world, wherever I am

It wasn't that long ago, someone told me that since I was usually gone so long from SL I should write a blog. "Who in their right mind wants to read about someone's AV being homesick for SL?" I said. Okay, maybe no one does, but I get more and more homesick for SL every day. I first got in SL because it's an escape, a fantasy to get away from a RL that drives me crazy most of the time. So right now, RL, having raised its ugly head, has me stuck where getting to SL is damned near impossible most of the time. Besides RL being complicated enough, I figured I could do a lot of those fantasy things that in RL were impossible or things I just couldn't work up the courage to do. Getting tied up and spanked by a RL boyfriend is one thing, but getting really REALLY spanked and abused...

Okay, that's another subject for later :)

Anyway, after looking at a few others blogs, I thought why not, plus maybe some of my friends (and clients too) can still find me, and let them know I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth.

I can see it from here though.

The good news is that I may actually may make it back to the real world, not to be confused with RL, so I can get back to SL in a few weeks to about a month. In the past year and a half that I've been in SL, I've met people that I value more than most of the ones I see on a daily basis in RL. (Okay there was this one Marine in Okinawa... HIM I value!) Besides, I'm running out of batteries, and even though they make those toys over here in China, good luck finding them here. And it also means not having to put up with my boss that talks to my boobs when he's supposed to be talking to me. I'm used to guys looking at my boobs when they talk to me, most of us are, but my boss this time is a fat slob that is so big he has his own zip code. I've caught him staring at my ass a few times too. That's the best and closest he's ever going to come to it.

Just another reason I want to get home...

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