Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Been gone awhile

I was home, then I was gone, then home, then gone, home, gone....

I've been spending entirely too much time away from home and SL as a consequence. Maybe since I'm home now, I can keep up with this. When I was home, I didn't do a lot of updating to this and let it get waaaaay behind. And for that, I can't blame anyone but me. Plus I started making clothes (hey I can't be naked ALL the time!!)
Well now I think I should go out and get into as much trouble as I can now that I'm home again, at least for a little while. God knows that I'll have to go off again before I'd want to. I think I should add some of the pics and stuff of the little bit that I did manage to enjoy last time. It did seem that there was a plethora of shemales!! Oh and there's a good possibility you might find me at BPN - I spend a lot of time there inworld! :) I got this weakness, which if you look at my old posts is rather obvious! :)

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