Friday, February 4, 2011

Like I said, I'm back, and naturally, end up on my back! I guess a few places this weekend will have Super Bowl parties, but this was like a Super BALL for me..
I can't decide where to be this weekend, BPN (and I got hired there to dance yesterday!) or some other party. Maybe I'll have enough time to go to several places. I suppose I'll actually watch the game, not that I care about either team that much, though I'm jealous of Troy Palamalou's hair and I think that nasty linebacker Harrison for Pittsburgh could blitz me any time he wanted! I haven't been invited to any RL parties, which is just as well, the idea of hanging out with a bunch of guys drinking beer and eating wings does not make for this girl's idea of sexy. Okay I do like the wings from BWW, and my RL sister used to work at Hooters. Beer breath isn't exactly the most appealing idea though.
Hey! That's another appeal of SL!! The guys can drink all they want and and I don't get belched on!
Ooooo I need some more of what I got in this photo!! Afterall, he was built like a linebacker!

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