Monday, August 17, 2009

Flying Rumors

The rumor mill got cranked up big time today. Myself and several others were supposed to be home by now, but the home office sent us a new supervisor a few weeks ago, and he's of the opinion that none of us should leave until it's his turn to go home too. Screw him!
One of the other people I work with bitched to the office that we're waaaay past due to go home and if it didn't happen soon, there was going to be a revolt and they best get the plane tickets ready. This morning we get the flight info on the people that are supposed to come replace us! The boss is miffed and we could care less. As much as the other guy was a piece of work none of cared for, this new one is Jabba the Hut with legs. Useless, has us do all his work for him, doesn't speak English worth a damn, let alone Japanese or Mandarin, sits on his fat ass all day and surfs the web. And yes, he really does look like Jabba - probably weighs in at 350 pounds and is maybe 5 foot 4. He is definitely and highly ticked that the underlings went around him (and trust me, going around him takes a looooong time.) He's another one that talks to my tits when he's supposed to be talking to me. I took exception to it last week and he had NO idea what I was talking about! This, of course, was said to my bra, which couldn't be seen through my blouse, but the outline may have been visible.
Anyway, maybe, just maybe, I can get out of here soon and start writing about something that interests me in SL - like fucking.

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