Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm BaaaAAAaaack!!

I'm home AND back in SL. And I've been a busy girl, or at least trying to be :) As you can see, I've been grabbing onto everything SL has to offer :)

There was another blog someone else did about "My life as an SL Slut" So now it's my turn!

I've been to Zindra (obviously) and had a look around. I suppose eventually things may pick up there. It goes without saying that I missed most everything that I can get away with in SL that I could never do in RL. O I know, I know. There are a lot of people that visit for a lot of other reasons. Of course most of the people I know or hang out with come to SL for the same reasons I do - we're perverted sex fiends. Hey, I know I'm not going to catch anything in here! Swine flu or anything worse that I end up with a butt full of anitbiotics.
Oh and believe it or not, I do actually wear clothes: sometimes :) Be away for as long as I've been and trying to find something in the inventory is tough!! Besides skin feels soooo much better!

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