Saturday, February 13, 2010

If I only knew...

The trouble with being me (the RL me) is I never know from one minute to the next where I'm going, and sometimes even where I am. Kinda makes SL a pain in the tushie, and not the good kind.

Example: this is the GOOD kind of pain the tushie :)

It's also an example of me as Mickey instead of Ann doing the same thing that Ann does. Sigh, I guess some things never change.

As far as the bad kind of pain in the tush, I'm stuck where I am, wherever that may be, doing RL work. Which, as everyone knows, is almost never as much fun as SL work. I think I was supposed to go home for a week and then go back to work somewhere else where I might actually have SL at least part of the time, but now the girl I "temporarily" took the place of so she could go home RL is hemming and hawing about coming back here on time. I bet she's probably in SL right now fucking this guy instead of me!!

The bitch!!!

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