Thursday, February 11, 2010

SL strikes

It was only a matter of time.
Yes it's been a long time since I made any entry at all on this blog. Seems that right after I made that last post of me pictured with the handsome guy and the shemale, my primary account got blocked. I told LL to change my account status - they didn't. So therefore when billing time came around, voila!! No Ann.
So for the last several months I've been running around SL as my alt, Mickey, which when I created he/she/it last year I misspelled as Mickry. I created Mickey as the "you don't know who I really am" neko, furry, Gorean, male , female, shemale, cartoon and anything else that came to mind. I have to admit, despite everything else, one of the major attractions of SL is the ability to fantasize and experiment, sexually or otherwise. Mickey was mostly the otherwise part.
So now thanks to LL for screwing up (oh no!! they NEVER make mistakes!! just ask them!!) look for me as Mickey Gearbox for the time being. I hate to admit it's become a matter of principle, but even sluts have SOME principles.
I'll plop some pics of Mickey here in the next day or two. Turns out I'm just as experimental as Mickey as I am as Ann as far as sex goes :)

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