Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I might have known....

The laptop I take with me overseas when I leave home to go to RL work I've been coaxing and prodding to keep alive. Sometimes it works, sometimes the prodding didn't, but it never crashed, just proved to be a piece of crap. It still ran SL, although I lagged like crazy, it still ran GIMP and PS so I could make clothes and such, it still ran other things that at least let me have a decent experience in SL when the opportunity struck when I'm over here. Oh I can do other things like post to this blog and get on Facebook and a few other sites that also enhance SL, but I just can't get into SL when I'm over here.

So today, while trying to make a new pair of ripped jeans, mainly so more of my butt hangs out than the ones I've seen for sale elsewhere, the good ol' HP decided to take a dump. Froze solid. Then I tried to reboot after a few choice words for it freezing. It almost kind of wants to reboot, but doesn't. Part of it is Vista, the worst OS ever, and part of it is the puter, which is probably the power supply and the BIOS. After all the trouble I've had with it, and then reading other people's problems with it, I wish I hadn't gotten this one to start with.

So until I get home again, and hoping to high heavens that the stuff on the hard drive is salvageable to a new one, so much for SL, even at home for a while till I get my apps and dear God I hope my files moved to a new computer.

Which you can bet will NOT be an HP!!

In the meantime, sigh, just remembering times like this make a new computer a must!!

OMG!! I just thought of all the Megs of pics like this that are on there too!!! Pray that damned hard drive isn't trashed!!!

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